Below are some QR Code Scavenger Hunts that I have designed to be fully printable and ready to use. As long as you have a wi-fi enabled smart device that can scan, you can use these ‘hunts’ to support student literacy skills AND engage your learners!

#1. QR Code Context Clue Scavenger Hunt

This Scavenger Hunt allows students to practice utilizing context clues while having fun! Students ‘scan’ a QR code to get their context clue question. Answering a question will lead them to an envelope which has more context clue questions, QR codes AND clues to a riddle! When all of the riddle clues are gathered, they can solve the riddle. Once students understand the directions to this scavenger hunt they will be cooperative, engaged and learning and you sit back and enjoy! A true ‘plug and play’ lesson. One of my favorites!

#2. QR Code Making Predictions Scavenger Hunt

Have your students practice their predicting skills while integrating technology! This QR Code Scavenger hunt is designed to be used with a Wifi enabled device with a QR code scanning app. Each question leads to a website that features a reading passage and question. When the question is answered, students are given a “Secret Code” That code leads them to an envelope with another Predicting question. When answered correctly, students receive a solution piece to a riddle. Students will predict based on passages, genre, a video clip, character descriptions/actions and story events. For a preview of the predicting questions, see:

#3. QR Code Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt.

This QR Code Scavenger Hunt aids students in the application of figurative language skills. Featuring: onomatopoeia, hyperbole, similes, metaphors and personification, students answer questions and visit stations to scan QR codes for alphabetic clues. The Scavenger Hunt is ‘themed’ after Kjell B. Sandyed’s beautiful butterfly alphabetic images. Each QR code leads to a butterfly wing image of a letter. The final challenge is to gather all of the letters to solve a riddle.

Figurative Language
Scavenger Hunt

#4 QR Code Scavenger Hunt – Identifying Main Idea

This scavenger hunt features a five reading passages that students must read and identify the main idea presented by the author. They do this by scanning a QR code and reading the passage. Student then visit a QR code envelope and scan the corresponding code to get a clue letter. Once all clue letters are gathered, they can solve a riddle.

The theme of this scavenger hunt is bridges. I intentionally made the TOPIC of each passage the same (bridges) so that students are forced to recognize the different between Main Idea and Topic.

The passages are:

The Spin on Spans
A Bridge Too Far
Learn to Play Bridge
So Many Bridges (homographs)
The Bridge as a Symbol

The supporting website for this QR Code hunt is located at:

Main Idea
Main Idea

#5 QR Code Scavenger Hunt – Working with Text Features

#5. Text Structure.

This QR Code activity provides students with a fun and interactive way to access and practice utilizing important features in expository text. The lesson begins with an explanation of what organizational features exist in expository (non-fiction) text and why they are helpful. It then continues by having students scan a QR code leading them to actual text pages and corresponding questions about the pages. I just completed this QR Quest with my sixth grade classroom and the QR codes turned what could have been ‘hum drum’ into a task the students attacked with zeal.Included in the QR links is a question and textbook page featuring:

Title Page
Table of contents

Also included is a handy reference sheet for students to keep in their personal resource materials.

Text Features
Expository Text

#6.  QR Code Scavenger Hunt – Inferring

This Scavenger Hunt allows students to practice the valuable skill of inferring while having fun!

Students ‘scan’ a QR code to get their statement that they have to make inferences from.

Statements include Inferring emotion, inferring story events, inferring character traits, inferring emotion, drawing conclusions, inferring word meaning, inferring needs, inferring tone.
Answering a question will lead them to an envelope which has an animal riddle (more critical thinking!) Gather the riddle answers and the students can solve the scavenger hunt!

#7.  Earth Day QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a GREAT way to celebrate Earth Day? Why not take technology outside??? This terrific QR Code Scavenger Hunt allows students to stretch their legs and explore the create outdoors with their digital devices. No wifi outside? No problem! This QR scavenger hunt is designed to be used outside for Earth day without the need for internet access.

In this scavenger hunt, students read Earth Day clues describing something critical to earth: worms, compost, seeds, glucose, chlorophyl,water etc. As they answer each question, the ‘check’ their answer by scanning a QR code. The QR code answer will then be the title of the next stop in their scavenger hunt.

Go ahead, scatter the clues throughout the school grounds. It’s a GREAT excuse to get outside and do something educational for Earth Day.

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

#8.  Pronoun Scavenger Hunt.

Have your students practice identifying pronouns while integrating technology! This QR Code Scavenger hunt is designed to be used with a Wifi enabled device with a QR code scanning app. The entire scavenger hunt corresponds with Rudyard Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi story.

First, students are provided a worksheet on Pronouns and Antecedents and are given an opportunity to practice identifying pronouns within a passage from the story.

Next, students are given sample sentences and are asked to recognize the pronoun that fits within the sentence. They check their answers by scanning the a QR Code. If they are correct, the QR code will lead them to a station image (an original image from Rudyard Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. At that station, scanning the QR code provides them with a clue to a riddle. After collecting all of the clues, they can solve the riddle!!

Once students get started, they will work cooperatively, independently and remain engaged!! A true plug-and-play lesson!!

I can sizzle like baconI am made with an eggI have plenty of backbone,but lack a good legI peel layers like onions,But still remain whole.I can be long like a flagpole,Yet fit in a hole.
What am I?A Snake!!

#9.  Explore Your School…EDITABLE Scavenger Hunt!

This is a template for you to follow to create your own ‘Exploring Your School’ Scavenger Hunt for Back to School or for students entering a new school. When you download this Word File, you will be able to edit it to customize it to your school. In this ‘hunt’ students are guided from one QR code to the next. Each code is placed next to an important feature of the school. The hunt serves to familiarize students with a new school (I used it for our Middle School).

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